Welcome to Mud2, the best mud ever created to date. Plunging into this mud head first is the only way to play. Develop your persona and meet with strange and wonderful creatures, from the mighty roaring Dragon to the small fireflies that light the way in the mountain tops. Wander through the Dwarfen Realm and race through the underground rivers in your quest to discover glorious treasures and make new friends with the hope of one day 'passing over' from mortal to immortal when you become a Wizard. It's down to you now and just remember:

You haven't lived until you've died in Mud2

Welcome to my Mud2 web sites, I hope you find it easy to use and nice to look at. I've still got a lot to put onto this site as you can see, so in the meantime look at the other glorious sites made by Mud2 players in the
'Links' section. If you are in fact a newbie, click the 'Starting off' button to see some tutorials.

There will soon be pictures of all the players up...well...ones that I can trick into
sending their picture in, and also hopefully some information that players provide about themselves (don't believe a word!!!).

Send me your comments please....unless of course they are bad, in which case please click the
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