Richard's Site - This is the guy who set out to create Mud2, and what a job he did! This site contains a lot of historical information as well as articles from the past.

Cat's Site - This site contains useful information for new players and a lot of articles that players have submitted as well as a few handy maps for those who are at a loss as where they are.

Tornado's Site - This site is very much newbie friendly, nice pictures of some of the creatures are on display and is worth taking a look at.

Eric's Site - Nicely done site with regular updates on the latest news as well as player pictures taken from both Cat's and Richard's site.

Witch Magazine? - The unnoficial 'official' magazine for Mud2, players have submitted articles and it has a lot of information on how to best go about playing the game as well as tips on creating maps. Hosted by Lexley the Witch.

Muddy - How could I have forgotten Wdi's and Gdn's web site. They have very nice features and easy navigation. The site also contains information on players as well as up to date info on latest news.

Seamus' Site - Another good site that keeps up to date with Bashes within the land. Great for reading as well as features including top 100 living personae.

Muddled Times - By another Wiz. Just been updated with a new touch to it, very nice if I say so myself...although it wasn't the logo I voted for! A lot of info for those who want to learn more about Mud2. Worth a hit and hosted by Karya the melancholy Witch...cheer up :)

Morloc's Site - Excellent site, has a very Mud2 feel to it. It's as if you are there, from the way he sets out his articles and messages. Especially good for newbies as well as the rest of us.