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Ok...sometimes we mortals do silly things...but just check out what the Wiz's do (A few down) here!


Hmmm ok, sorry about the varying update intervals, it gets hard doing this, just ask Eric or Wdi or Morloc or Cat...etc...oh right..the news. Well Mud For Mortals version 1.3 has been released. I have had no problems with this new version at all. The previous version seemed to keep hanging my connection, but this is a really good update. Well done Merlyn. Check it out here.


OK!!! The moment we've all been waiting for....ok...the moment HE's been waiting for. Can you guess? No?? Well, REVERENCE IS A WIZARD! Ok...4 Wiz's in a row!! What's happening! Read here to find out the details.


Salcreek has made Wizard....where are they all coming from??? He first made Wiz on so he already knows the game. Just ensuring he has a wiz where ever he can get it I suppose. Well done


Congratulations to Nokia, who made Wizard at around 3:30 by swamping the Amulet. Also known as Joey, this guy took his time so i've been told.


I've decided to catch up with the times and implement a page with player logs and screen shots. I'll see if I can get a collection of all the one's currently available by talking to players with their own sections dedicated to this sort of thing. For the moment you can view the relatively small number put up here.



As you may have heard Turrican the Wizard has just released his own client for mud2. It is similar to Wireplays Mud2 in F2 mode. You can download it here. You need a shortcut or something to run it, so I decided to write a front end to it. Try downloading it here. Note if you get an error you don't have the required runtime files, these are a largish download so it probably isn't worth it, besides i've just found out i'm limited to 540kb files :(



Reverence the Mage died today moments from making Wizard! See the full story here. My condolences.


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