Reverence's tragic tale:

It was 1:45am.....Reverence had a lot of stuff, HH, Chart...(can't say anything useful <wink wink>) and was on 197k. It would have been a perfect reset, no PK's about....about 20 minutes was all he needed to gain his place in history by obtaining wisdom. From what I hear he was going about his business when suddenly he hears a whistling feedback from a failed Finger Of Death spell (FOD for those who have not yet encountered it). He probably didn't take too much notice of it. Then again....another whistling feedback....something is probably going on. The next thing he see is : 'Not Updating Persona'

He had fallen victim to a mortal fod (the likelyhood of these are exteremely slim by the way). Someone called Partimepk had cast a successful FOD spell. He had wasted two of his other persona's in the process, one of them being Fetchdagen. When I asked him later he said that he didn't hate Rev, he just liked killing highlives. In my humble opinion he should not have done it. Rev IS a great player and deserved to get to Wiz.

Here is the event as it happened thanks to Dclxvi (better known as Firefarter) as he was snooping Reverence :


|1|Reverence the mage

|1|eff str 50 eff dex 32 sta 104/120 mag 14 pts 197,299 gam


|1|*wh bas

|1|1 in the place known as "tangled garden".

|1|*lq|1|You can't see a thing, you're blind.


|1|You are carrying the following:

|1| the earring, the barometer, the key20, the key0, the pillar0, the

|1|pick0, the foot and the coracle.

|1| The coracle contains:

|1| the chart, 2 stoppered vials, the hedgehog and the wafer0.

|1| The stoppered vial3 contains:

|1| a potion3.

|1| The stoppered vial2 contains:

|1| a potion2.

|1|Weight carried: 72kg 244g/100kg.

|1|Objects carried: 8/12.

|1|You are keeping any objects in your possession of the following type:

|1| foot.

|1|*You can no longer snoop on Reverence the mage.

*A finger of death from Parttimepk the sorcerer has terminated you.

|1|You are no longer a member of house "DNA".

|1|Not updating persona.

That's mud for you....just one thing to remember:

You haven't lived until you've died in Mud2