Mud2 in a Nutshell

"What is Mud2?"

Mud2 stands for Multi User Dungeon. It is a type of Adventure game, i'm sure you've played a few in your time, Grim Fandango, Brocken Sword, Monkey Island. Well the only thing different with Mud2 and these others is the graphics isn't quite so good.....ok, i'll be honest, there are no pretty pictures. Mud2 is all inside your head, NO don't run away just yet, you think everyone who plays this are sad lonely people? Well, let me tell you a lot of people from all different types of background play this game, in fact i'm a Half Life veteran myself and I know others from Half Life who play this game.

"How many people play Mud2?"

Well, that depends on what you mean. There are currently about 30 to 40 people playing on the Wireplay Servers at the moment, but there people playing on the Servers too. I bet you're thinking, "So, 1000's of people play Half Life". Well you're right...and "1000's" of people play MUDS. There are literally 100's maybe even 1000's of MUDS out there, Mud2 is just one of the better ones.

"Ok, so what do you do in Mud2?"

When it comes down to it, the point of playing Mud2 is to become a Wizard/Witch. These beings have supreme power over everyone, with the exception of Arch Wizards. They can give you points, take away points, FOD you, restore you, create creatures, create more land, control the name it, they can do it, although they are limited by the Rules of being a Wiz, but watch out, these guys are strict.....some of them anyhow, most of them are a good laugh and will be happy to help you out. NOTE: They don't play the game for you.

"What is quickest way to make points?"

The quickest way to make points? Hmmmm probably by killing other players....but you won't get anywhere fast. You'll be hunted down and slain by those who think its wrong, me included. In the long run you need to KNOW the land and KNOW where things are. Of course eventually you might well learn to be a good PK, but I wouldn't advise it. PK's usually bring misery to the land, but on the plus side we don't have 100 bored wizards.