Places of Interest

As a new player you may find the game confusing at first....many of us still do.....<looks at others>.....oh......just me then.

The Tea Room is the starting point for your adventure. Sit here, to recover from a near death experience, or for a cursing rage from an actual death experience, or I suppose yuu could just have a general chit-chat with the others.

The old man of the land lives here, this is a great little place to get to know when starting off. It provides a couple of one man rooms for if you are hiding from someone, and for a nice snooze without being interrupted by the shouts and screams of outdoors, in the bed rooms. From the swamp it is Northwards to the road, then Westwards to the road opposite the cottage, and then Southwards into the cottage hallway.

This is where you earn many of your points......well....where you receive many of your points. Dropping treasure in the swamp converts the treasures value into points for your persona. The more points the higher the level, and the higher the level the more pk's who will be after you.......I mean......the more enjoyable it will be. (Just a quick note, PK's stands for Player Killers or Persona Killers)

This is where the Dragon surprise there then. The Dragon is worth many points and is also a TASK, 8 tasks must be completed throughout the game before you stand a chance of becoming a wizard. To kill the Dragon you......<trembles at the sight of the wizards charging their fingers> your fist at it and slag of it's mother, although I wouldn't recommend this approach by the way.

The Cave of Stars is where the magical Touch Stone is housed. This powerful stone grants those who dare touch it magical powers, but beware, if you are not strong enough you will be overwhelmed with its powers and die. You stand the most chance of a successful touch if you are at Champion level or above.

Last but not least.....GO EXPLORING!!!!! it's the only guaranteed way you'll know where things are. If you are worried about being killed by players ask a someone about taking a
'Vow', there are both pro's and con's for being a Proctected Personae (PP)