Setting up Mud2 on your Computer

Mud2 can be played on multiple servers. The original server is at where a lot of the older and more experienced players used to, and some still do, play. The drawback is that you have to pay to play, after the first 10 hours of free play you are charged. Telnet here

Another option is to play using the Wireplay servers. You must download the Wireplay Client Software to gain access to the Wireplay Game Servers. You can then download the Mud2 Client Software to play, although Richard has recently enabled Telnet access to the mud. Then just connect using Wireplay's Client which will bring up a list of game, and simply select Mud2. Note, you must be in the UK to do this.....until Wireplay Client Version 3 comes out anyhow. For information on the Version 3 Click Here.

You can now telnet to WPMUD2 at at port 23.

The new Mud2 Beta is now out. Although it's development is well under way it does lack features at the moment. These are soon to be added and you can check on the latest news as well as a download
right here.