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Dragon Bash a success! Thanks to Tom for organising this great bash we all had a good time....apart from those who died before the Dragon did :)

For more information please see here.



Right, I think i'm not gonna bother with the Mage list, it's going to be too much hassle and I have an even better idea. What do you think of a PK list? A lot of players don't attack personas that they THINK are PK's until they are attacked first...which is often too late. So please 'Contact' me with your views on this. I want to see what players think first.



Errrr i'm still waiting for player profiles to be sent in!! At the moment i've had to do a bit of 'in-game' questioning to players. Now that there are already some put up, just look at their's and send me your version! Try looking at Brocken or Rosie's, that's what i'm looking for :) now click 'Contact'!



Just another reminder that the Dragon bash is on Thursday 18th April. In case you don't know what this is, it involves a lot of people grouping together, with persona's they don't mind losing and bundling through the fairy ring to the Dragon's Island!! You've got about 1 in 10 chance of surviving...IF THAT! Good laugh, so you'd better show up!



I've decided that since the subject mentioned below could be potentially a major issue, i'm gonna make a Mage list on my site, i'm gonna need a few wiz's to help me whenever they can. I feel this is a fair thing to do, and i'm keeping it up until Richard, Foddy or Umbrarg tell me otherwise.



I think we've all just discovered how messy this is going to be. Since Richard has decided to open up Wireplay MUD2 for an international audience, there is the problem of when should curfews be if at all? Already we have some American players on and they have got up to Mage and Warlock levels fairly quickly...no problem with that...but what happens when more international players start going on when us Brits are in bed....they can get a lot of points pretty quick. When finally we get a larger audience from other countries it should work out fine, since then they'll be enough players competing at all times of the day. For the moment this subject is just a reminder of a potentially sticky subject. Keep your eyes out for more news.



This web site is launched today. Hope you all like the style, i'm kinda hoping for this website to have more in common with the players themselves than the actual game, since there are already a lot of web sites out there telling you about Mud2. Contact me for suggestions please!!!! And keep those player profiles rolling in.



Reverence is back. I was having a short chat with him yesterday, and it seems that all the news on opening mud2 for telnet access has brought the very good player back to our world. Good to have you back, well, I think anyway.



Congratulations for the millionth time (or so it seems) to Fruitbat, who became Wizard after killing Wdi the Mage. Condolences to Wdi, must've been a bit tragic to lose a mage in such circumstances. It was a Fetch error right?